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diary of an unemployed software engineer, day 5

After five days outside of the structure of a work environment, the engineer began to notice changes in his physical appearance.

His inability to shave was caused by a back injury, triggered by either (a) an extended session of applying polyurethane to newly-created office furniture or (b) the subsequent sloth of watching an Office Space marathon on the couch. Both events were exhausting.

On an unrelated note, after consulting on a live website that was littered with identical statements of the form:

<?php eval(base64_decode("DUshdagHsdhl...WEJxckl==")); ?>

...the engineer concluded that repeatedly evaling a fixed base64-encoded string is probably a sign that something is amiss.

diary of an unemployed software engineer, day 1

For the first time in 7 months, the engineer spent most of the day out-of-doors trying to build something with his hands. The sun was brighter than the engineer remembered, but there were no cubicle walls to protect him from the elements.

Around noon, a lunch truck pulled up to the work site across the street and honked. On the bed of the truck perched a ridiculously large tin kitchen that was leaking steam from a thousand fissures. Everyone seemed happy to see the truck. The engineer wistfully remembered when delicious food trucks used to visit him at work.

The engineer's jigsaw became briefly sentient and attempted to perform ocular surgery on the engineer. The engineer could not recall windbg ever being so unexpectedly malicious.

Fortunately, the day ended with minimal injuries.